Individual Retirement Planning

Tigers Eye Benefits Consulting provides planning and tax services for individual business owners and sole proprietors wishing to establish and maintain qualified retirement plans for their small businesses. We provide consulting and direction for Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs) and Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE’s), which many times are better suited for smaller or individual Employers wishing to set up a retirement plan structure, but without some of the administrative considerations inherent in other qualified retirement plan structures. These Plans are funded with IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), and we can provide direction to resources for such funding mechanisms, outside of Tiger’s Eye.

If you are an individual who is eligible for benefit payments from an employer’s retirement plan, we can help you with planning services for these payments. There are many decisions to be made prior to receiving retirement income from such plans – income tax considerations, income stream needs analysis and planning, investment considerations, and potential estate considerations. We provide all these services and more.

For individuals involved in a divorce, we provide valuations of accumulated pension benefits to be included in the total property value to be divided between spouses. We work with your legal counsel, and can provide expert trial testimony, if needed.